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Featured Applications

  1. SDG6 Data Portal

    By SDG6

    The SDG 6 Data Portal, one of the flagship products of the Initiative, brings together data on all the SDG 6 global indicators and other key social, economic and environmental parameters. Through maps, charts and tables, the portal offers tailored options for visualization and analysis of the data, including on interlinkages. As such, the portal complements the Global SDG Indicators Database and indicator-specific databases.

Other Applications

  1. BlueTech Interactive eBook

    By the World Bank Group

    This innovative interactive e-book is to provide a quick introduction to how Technology and Innovation are being applied in the Blue Economy. An interactive e-book is more than a pdf or static electronic document. This e-book includes text and a wide range of interactive elements (e.g., hyperlinks, photo galleries, video galleries, interactive graphs, interactive maps, interactive data/knowledge filters, etc.) drawing upon multiple online resources.

  2. Aqueduct: Water Risk Atlas

    By WRI

    Aqueduct’s tools map water risks such as floods, droughts, and stress, using open-source, peer reviewed data. Beyond the tools, the Aqueduct team works one-on-one with companies, governments, and research partners to help advance best practices in water resources management and enable sustainable growth in a water-constrained world.