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  • The Watershed Index Online (WSIO)

    The Watershed Index Online (WSIO) is a national watershed indicator data library and analysis tool for comparing watershed characteristics within user-defined geographic areas.
  • Energy Water Footprint

    The energy-water nexus describes the requirement of water-for-energy and energy-for-water. The consumption of water in the production and generation of energy resources is also...
  • Global PDSI

    A global dataset of Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI) and potential evporation (PE) at 1.0-degree, monthly resolution.
  • Global Runoff to the Oceans

    This archive contains estimates of runoff to the ocenas for all river outlets globally, excluding Greenland and Antarctica, based on routing through the simulated topological...
  • Global Meteorological Forcing Dataset for land surface modeling

    This dataset provides near-surface meteorological data for driving land surface models and other terrestrial modeling systems. It blends reanalysis data with observations and...
  • Climate Wizard

    Developed through collaboration between The Nature Conservancy, The University of Washington, and The University of Southern Mississippi, the Climate Wizard enables technical...
  • Aqueduct Global Maps 3.0 Data

    Aqueduct 3.0 introduces an updated water risk framework and new and improved indicators. It also features different hydrological sub-basins. We introduce indicators based on a...
  • Eutrophication & Hypoxia Map Data Set

    The Interactive Map of Eutrophication & Hypoxia represents 762 coastal areas impacted by eutrophication and/or hypoxia. There are 479 sites identified as experiencing...
  • Aqueduct Global Flood Risk Country Rankings

    The Aqueduct Global Flood Risk Country Ranking ranks 163 countries by their current annual average population affected by river floods.
  • Aqueduct Floods Hazard Maps

    Aqueduct Floods is an online platform that measures riverine and coastal flood risks under both current baseline conditions and future projections in 2030, 2050, an 2080
  • The Global Flood Monitor

    A tool that globally detects and monitors flood events. It provides a real-time overview of ongoing flood events based on filtered Twitter data. Specifically, the global flood...
  • The Global Flood Detection System-Version 2.0

    The Global Flood Detection System monitors floods worldwide using near-real time satellite data. Surface water extent is observed using passive microwave remote sensing (AMSR2...
  • Global Flood Monitoring System (GFMS)

    The GFMS is a NASA-funded experimental system using real-time TRMM Multi-satellite Precipitation Analysis (TMPA) and Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Integrated...
  • The DFDO Flood Observatory

    Global Active Archive of Large Flood Events, 1985-Present
  • Chile Water Quality data 1999-2021

    This dataset is on water quality for chile from 1999 to 2021
  • Sea surface temperature from 1981 to 2016

    This dataset provides global daily sea surface temperature (SST) data from the Group for High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature (GHRSST) multi-product ensemble (GMPE) produced...
  • Sea level daily gridded data from 1993 to present

    This data set provides gridded daily global estimates of sea level anomaly based on satellite altimetry measurements. Sea level anomaly is defined as the height of water over...
  • Teal Tool for Precipitation

    Teal is a free visual tool that enables you to explore climate variables for the past 70+ years, from 1950 to near real time at annual, monthly, seasonal, and daily frequency.
  • SDG 6 (Water) Data - API for Data Export

    Through the API, you can export data on all indicators contained within the SDG 6 Data Portal.
  • Water Point Data Exchange (WPDx)

    The Water Point Data Exchange (WPDx) unlocks the potential of water point data to improve decision-making and increase rural water access. By establishing a platform for...
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