Key water quality parameters for dry and wet ...


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Key water quality parameters for dry and wet season in the Nigerian city of Port Harcourt (Coliforms, Nitrate, pH, turbidity etc.) / 2015-16. Publication Urban Water Services in Fragile...

Source: Port Harcourt, Nigeria - Key Water Quality Parameters for Dry and Wet Season

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
photo text
Date timestamp
SampleID numeric
SampleIDShort numeric
primary_drinking text
cooking_water text
primary_wash text
source_type text
WaterPurposes text
respondent_type text
structure_type text
treatment text
TotalColiform text
FecalColiform text
Nitrate text
pH text
Turbidity text
Temperature text
EC text
RefinedOil text
Hydro.Zone text
Slum text
Season text
primary_drinking_simple text
cooking_water_simple text
source_type_simple text
storage text
drink_direct text
when_did_you_fill_your_tank text
Fluoride text
Arsenic text
TDS text
gps_altitude text
gps_course text
gps_horizontal_accuracy text
latitude.sources text
latitude.users text
longitude.sources text
longitude.users text
GPSComments text
primary_wash_simple text
latitude text
longitude text
SOpopdensity text
drinkstorage text
drinktankwash text
drinkowns text
drinkobtain text
drinkphoto text
drinkpump text
boreholedepth1 text
cookstorage text
cooktankwash text
cookowns text
cookobtain text
cookphoto text
cookpump text
washstorage text
washtankwash text
washowns text
washobtain text
washphoto text
washpump text
SOsanitationrespondent text
SOsanitationwhere text
SOdrainage text
SOdrainageoverflowed text
SOfloodheight text
SOfloodheightmax text
SOlanduse text
SOsolidwaste text
SOwastehow text
SOsolidwastewhere text
SSsuperstructure text
SSlatrine20 text
SSpollution10 text
SSpollution20 text
SSpollution30 text
SSuncappedwell text
SSfencing text
SSbackfilleroded text
SSsurfaceslope text
SSsurfacepermeable text
SOSSfloorflood text
SSwellseal text
SSpumpbroken text
SSwellcasing text
CHEM.NO3DilutionWater text
CHEM.AlDilutionWater text
Iron text
Nickel text
Al text
Zinc text
Ecoli text
lastrain text
Notes text
thissampledrink numeric
thissamplecook numeric
thissamplewash numeric
LogFecal text
LogTotal text
NitrateVal text
LogNitrate text
LogEcoli text
FecalCat text
TotalColCat text
EcoliCat text
LogTurbidity text
IronRaw text
AlAdjust text
Rainfallmm text
disttowater text
source_type_simple_season text
SOSanImpr text
SOsanNeighFlush text
SOsanNeighPit text
SOsanNeighHanging text
SOsanNeighod text
SOlandOil text
SOlandMarket text
SOlandLocalInd text
SOlandConstruction text
SOanimalsAny text
SOchickens text
SOlivestock text
SOsanNeigh text
Pump text
SSpollution10Any text
SSpollution20Any text
SSpollution30Any text
SSfeces20 text
SSScore text
SSScorePossible numeric
Owns text
pumptype text
obtain text
Periphery text
lat text
long text
Brand text
Type text

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