Open Data For Resilience (OpenDRI)

Open Data for Resilience Initiative (OpenDRI) applies the concepts of the global open data movement to the challenges of reducing vulnerability to natural hazards and the impacts of climate change. OpenDRI supports World Bank Regional Disaster Risk Management Teams to build capacity and long-term ownership of open data projects with client countries that are tailored to meet specific needs and goals of stakeholders around three main areas of Sharing Data, Collecting Data, Using Data. All data is published under an open license. Projects include Open Cities Africa, with national projects in: Niger (flood hostpots and mitigation), Uganda (drought risk information and disaster risk financing), Zanzibar (vunlerability to natural disasters), Pacific Islands (Natural Disasters and Climate Change), Sri Lanka (evidence based methods for natural disaster response), Afghanistan (disaster risk decisionmaking), St Vincent and the Grenadines (hydroclimatic disasters), Saint Lucia (post disaster rehabilitation), Jamaica (storm even impact), Serbia (disaster preparedness), Indonesia (disaster management especially flooding), Seychelles (site specific risks of floods, earthquakes, cyclones, storm surge and tsunamis), Muaritius (under development), Madagascar (under development), Vietnam (natural hazards especially flood risks and climate change impacts), Bangladesh (under development), Pakistan (earthquakes and monsoon floods), Nepal (Seismic risk), Haiti (storms, flooding, landslides, environmental degradation), Guyana (under development), Grenada (under development), Dominica (extreme weather events), Colombia (flooding, landslides, increased vulnerability due to insufficient urban planning), Antigua and Barbuda (cyclones, fires and flooding), Belize (storm, flood and tsunami risks), Bolivia (natural hazards and climate change), Kyrgyz Republic (risk data on meteorological, geological, geophyical and boilogical hazards), Philippines (typhoones and monsoon floods recovery data), Tanzania (flood maps), Mozambique (flood, cyclone and windstorms), Comoros (flood, storm, volcanic eruption), Malawi (information to develop schools, healthcare and agriculture against floods and droughts), Armenia (earthquakes, drought, hailstorms, landslides)

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