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A collection of mapped water, disaster, climate, environment, and water-related social and economic indicators, from various sources, including: Lake Levels, Standardized Precipitation Index, GEOGloWS Streamflow Explorer, City Water Intakes, Glacker Inventory, Surface Water Explorer, Cropping Extent, Water Conflicts, Population Density, Land Cover Comparison, Water Stress (Aqueduct), Livestock Density, GRACE Groundwater, Forest Cover, Satellite Temperature, MODIS Layers, Night LIghts, Satellite Precipitation (NASA GPM), Hydroviewer, Global urban Footprint, Watershed Mapper, Annual Precipitation, Soil Moisture, Water Transition, Global Wetlands, Land-Water Changes, Snow Cover, Martime Boundaries, Illustrative Watershed Tool, Water Security Dashboard, Major Ports, World Water Quality, World Wind Map, ESRI WATER Balance, GEOGRLAM RAPP, GEOSS Portal, GRACE Groundwater Portal, Open Street Map Data, Servir Tehys Apps, NASA Disasters Portal, GEOGLOWS Streamflow Estimater, GFMS, MODIS Flood Explorer, IWMI Water Data Portal, GDACS Tool, GDACS Floods, Flood Exposure, Country Data Visualizations, Drought Exposure, Flood Risk, NOAA Buoy Data Center, Flood Frequency, Flood Observatory, Climate Engine, GADS (Agriculture) Climate (KNMI) Stations, Fishing Watch, MIT Trad Atlas, GRDC, Climate Stations, Dams, Hydropower Plants, All Power Plants, Tsunamis, Groundwater Climate Vulnerability, Climate Change Knowledge Portal, Projected Dry Spells, Protected Areas, Erosion Risks, Toxic Sites, Water Quality (Chlorophyll-A), Sea Surface Temperature, Crop Nutrient Balance, Landsat Archive, WorldPop, UN Cities Population, Google Earth Engine Datasets, Open Data Cube, FAO WaPOR, CIESIN Pop Grid, DFO App, Google Earth

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